I’m a Preservationist: an interview with Jarrett E. Cohen

Over the past few years, many investors have gotten nervous about the challenges facing commercial real estate, particularly in the retail and office sectors. But your investment management firm, JECohen, has been building an impressive portfolio, with $52 million in assets, including properties in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. What about the commercial real estate market do you find attractive?

At JECohen, we think, plan and invest for the long term. This long-term approach is at the heart of our firm strategy, our clients’ financial strategies, and our investment decision-making. Commercial real estate investments offer our clients the potential for reliable rental income, property appreciation and tax benefits, as well as diversification of their stock and bond investment portfolios.

We maintain a value investing discipline across JECohen, whether we are talking about stocks or real estate. Simply put, we tend to get more excited as investors become more nervous. Real estate investing and development broadly require a local focus, and I would suggest New Orleans requires a hyperlocal focus. For example, the retail sector may be concerning in many cities, but Canal Street offers retailers attractive prospects to capitalize on the robust tourism industry in New Orleans. This business case is supported by the strong hospitality industry and the recent uptick in upper floor developments across the Canal Street corridor.

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