Venture Capital

You’re not alone. Without the support of early and steadfast believers, JECohen wouldn’t exist. We recognized that many founders and start-up companies need early believers and most often financial support. In 2019, we decided to stop talking about it.


JECohen Ventures LLC makes principal supporting investments by leveraging our balance sheet. Unlike JECohen’s primary investment management offerings, outside investor capital is no longer managed or commingled to invest in this asset class.1 If you have an interest in investing in venture capital, please contact Corridor Ventures.2


We source 100% of our investing opportunities through existing relationships. Why? We simply believe that smart, hungry, and high integrity people surround themselves around similar people.

Our Companies

Company NameWhat They’re Up ToYear Supported Type of SupportStatus
Facilitation of nationwide drone services2019
Seed; Series A
Democratization of multi-asset investing2021
Optimization of the bridal gown supply chain2023

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What We Offer

JECohen is committed to providing unparalleled value to all of our clients.

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JECohen Realty Capital Management, LLC (“JECohen Realty”) is a New Orleans-based real estate private equity firm co-founded in 2015 by Jarrett E. Cohen.

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JECohen Ventures LLC believes in supporting early-stage companies and founders by investing its balance sheet.

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1JECohen Ventures SPV I, LLC, a commingled investment fund comprising of outside investors, is still active and solely invested in FlyGuys, Inc.

2JECohen Ventures LLC owns a minority interest in Corridor Ventures. Corridor Ventures is a New Orleans-based venture capital firm that seeks to make early-stage investments in the southeastern United States. All venture capital investment management responsibilities are now carried out by Corridor Ventures.