JECohen Acquires First and Second Floors of Historic New Orleans Cotton Exchange Building

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JECohen Acquires First and Second Floors of Historic New Orleans Cotton Exchange Building
Marrying the Building’s Rich History and JECohen’s Commitment to Developing Underserved Communities


New Orleans, LA – New Orleans-based, African American owned JECohen today announced that the investment management company, which focuses on attaining prime real estate with capital invested from underserved and frequently overlooked communities, acquired the first and second floors of the New Orleans Cotton Exchange Building at 231 Carondelet St for $1.5 million.

The New Orleans Cotton Exchange, an architectural and historically significant gem that is now recognized as a National Historic Landmark, was established as one of the centralized forums for the trade of cotton in New Orleans. Its history dates to February of 1871, when New Orleans merchants formed the Exchange and opened it for business until structural issues led to the building being demolished in 1920. From the time it was modestly rebuilt in 1921 post World War I until it closed in 1964, the Exchange was positioned as one of the primary cotton markets globally.

JECohen was founded in 2015 by Jarrett E. Cohen; the company now manages $52 million in assets and has continued to grow its client base with a fresh perspective on investing that values relationships, integrity and opportunity for all. While JECohen proudly serves a diverse base, the company has carved out a niche within certain underserved demographics that has garnered a reputation for providing financial and investment advice that is both sound and altruistic.

When it came time to move its base operation to a larger office, Cohen envisioned a space that would appropriately represent the clients and communities JECohen serves. Marrying the rich history of the New Orleans Cotton Exchange with the intrinsic values of JECohen was an ideal match. In early 2023, a group of investors who are also JECohen clients acquired the first two floors of “The Exchange” building, where JECohen Headquarters is the anchor tenant on the second floor. JECohen was represented during the acquisition by Corporate Realty, Steeg Law Firm as well as Phelps Dunbar and financed by Credit Human. The first floor is currently under construction and being repositioned for either a new retail or restaurant tenant later this year.

“My vision for JECohen was to build a welcoming and democratized financial and investment advisory space for people from all backgrounds and levels of income,” said founder and Chief Investment Officer Jarrett Cohen. “And now, the work JECohen is accomplishing in our communities is as historically significant as the building in which it is headquartered.”

Among its other historic real estate investment projects, JECohen is revitalizing the upper floors of 714 Canal St. as well as the State National Life Insurance Building in Downtown Baton Rouge. In keeping with its commitment to philanthropy in the communities it serves, JECohen served as a 2023 presenting sponsor for the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Celebration of Black Philanthropy with a multi-year commitment of $10,000 annually over the next five years.

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