JECohen Founder Jarrett Cohen Joins New Orleans CPA Tommie Vassel to Empower Ben Franklin Middle Seventh Graders Through Financial Literacy

Jarrett Cohen, founder, principal, and chief investment officer of JECohen, a New Orleans-based registered wealth and investment management firm, recently joined Ben Franklin Middle School Board Chair Tommie Vassel, CPA, during a weekly financial literacy class with Ben Franklin seventh-grade students.

Vassel, a financial and management consultant, empowers Franklin middle schoolers through financial literacy – helping them to cultivate the tools to be financially and fiscally responsible and putting them on a path toward a successful future.

“Stepping away from my day-to-day responsibilities at JECohen and into a middle school classroom was really exhilarating. It gave me so much joy to teach the students about a career as a financial advisor and how to take charge of their financial future. I hope I inspired the students – as I know they and the experience inspired me,” said Cohen.

Cohen joined Vassel’s class for a lesson on the power of compound interest, during which students shared examples of how they earn money from household chores and babysitting. Cohen then provided practical examples of how they can continue to earn money by using compound interest to build wealth, on a middle-school scale.

“Jarrett opened the eyes of my students by showing them how they could invest their allowances and other earnings and earn significant dollars through compound interest. His presence in my classroom allowed my students to see yet another career that they can consider,” said Vassel.