JECohen’s Flagship Strategy Generates Impressive 2019 Performance Result

JECohen & Co., LLC (“Investment Adviser”) today announced that the firm’s flagship strategy, the JECohen Absolute Value Strategy and Composite (the “Strategy”), returned notable 2019 performance results for its investors.

The Strategy generated a return of 26.93% before fees and achieved its best annual performance since being launched in 2015 by the investment adviser’s parent company, JECohen Holdings, LLC (“JECohen”).

The JECohen Absolute Value Strategy seeks to preserve investors’ principal investment capital and generate superior returns over the long term by adhering to a disciplined, differentiated, and opportunistic value-oriented investment approach.

Jarrett E. Cohen, JECohen’s Principal and Chief Investment Officer stated, “2019 was a banner year for JECohen as it was a strong year performance-wise for risk assets globally.

While our flagship strategy’s performance result was great on a standalone basis, I am more impressed by the portfolio’s strong results despite our largest individual investment holding being down around seven percent last year, which makes up approximately one-third of the portfolio.

I believe our strategy is well positioned for a strong 2020.”

JECohen will celebrate its fifth anniversary on February 13, 2020.